Appleton® EDTP2050G EDT Dust Ignitionproof Pendant Fixture With Guard, 1 Incandescent Lamp, Clear Housing

Indoor Vapor Tight Light Fixtures
345116 MFG #: EDTP2050G
281.31000 / ea
Appleton® Pendant Fixture, Dust Ignitionproof, Series: EDT, Incandescent Lamp, 60 to 200 W Lamp, 1 Lamp, Heat Resistant Glass Globe Lens, Surface Mount, Glass Housing, Clear Housing, 5-1/4 in L x 5-1/4 in W x 9 in H
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Suitable For Use In Wet Locations
One tapped opening for rigid or flexible mounting; Vertical mount only
Dust-ignition proof
1/2 in hub, 150 deg C supply wire temperature
1 tapped opening for rigid or flexible mounting, with heat resistant clear glass globe lens
New high temperature phenolic connection block in mounting hood has rugged leaf spring contacts - loosen two screws, rotate and remove for quick wiring
Safe, easy servicing or relamping without disconnecting any wiring
Wireless fixture unit easily threads off mounting hood for convenient servicing or for immediate exchange with stand-by unit
All joints are frame-tight
Copper free (4/10 of 1 pct maximum) aluminum fixture
Threaded hood mounting
Epoxy-clad and powder coat fixture housing finish
Copper free aluminum housing material