Appleton® ED2S175U2 ED2 1-Gang Dead End Pushbutton Station, 120/240 VAC/12/24 VDC, NEMA 3/3R/4/4X/12

Pushbutton Control Stations
343219 MFG #: ED2S175U2
598.02000 / ea
Division 2 Contender® series factory sealed control stations are suitable for use in washdown, wet or corrosive locations. These control stations and pilot lights are designed to confine any arcing within the enclosure to prevent ignition of the surrounding atmosphere, including group B gases (hydrogen). They are fitted to work in settings that currently use competitor's back bodies and covers, allowing you to benefit from Appleton features and reliability without upgrading the entire electrical infrastructure. Specific combinations of Contender series control stations and competitor's bodies and covers are UL Listed.
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For Remote Control Of Motors
Corrosion resistant captive stainless steel screws holds cover to body; Silicone gasket ensures high degree of water ingress protection; Wide variety of devices and options results in a control station tailor-made to the application; Bodies furnished with internal ground screw and external ground lug; For use in washdown areas and other damp, wet and highly corrosive areas
Malleable iron or copperfree aluminum back body, die-cast aluminum cover
Corrosion-resistant captive stainless steel screws hold cover to body
Silicone gasket ensures high degree of water ingress protection
Epoxy powder coat for enhanced corrosion-resistance
Labyrinth switches rated A600 heavy pilot duty and P150
Factory sealed enclosure confines any arcing, with no need to install external seals