Amphenol JPD-1410446-PR QUELARC JPD SERI

Pin & Sleeve Plugs
30781 MFG #: JPD-1410446-PR
Pyle National
959.32000 / ea
Quelarc JPD Series Plug, Number Of Poles: 3, Number Of Wires: 4, Wire Size: 1.375 - 1.75 IN, 100 AMP, 250 VDC/600 VAC, Connection: Pressure Wire Terminal, UL Listed, CSA Certified, For Receptacles And Connectors
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For Receptacles And Connectors
Quelarc plugs and receptacles are built to withstand the most severe operating conditions and have been proven by years of dependable service; They offer extra ordinary long-insulating paths that provide uninterrupted service in the presence of dampness or current carrying dust; The partitions between the male contacts increase the length of insulating surfaces to prevent arcing from pole to pole and from pole to ground; Special polarity for different voltage