3M™ 054007-08891 Heat Shrink Tubing, 1.1 in ID Expanded, 0.37 in ID Recovered, 25 ft L, Polyolefin

Heat Shrink Tubing
937491 MFG #: 7000132371
217.51000 / ea
The 3M™ heat shrink heavy wall cable sleeves itcsn are designed to provide reliable performance for electrical splices, connections and terminations, as well as mechanical and environmental protection. itcsn heavy wall cable sleeves are cross-linked polyolefin. they are highly split resistant and fast shrinking to provide rapid installation. the cut-to-length sleeves come standard with a factory applied adhesive/sealant. order any of several packaging choices or look for the counter merchandiser assortment at a 3M™ authorized distributor.
  • Features
Fast and easy installation
Thick wall top resists puncture and abrasion damage
Rugged weather resistant protection
Resists acids and alkalis
Low temperature flexibility, no cracking
No dripping, flowing, cracking heat shock
1 x 10^14 Ohm-cm volume resistivity
500 V/mil dielectric strength
0.05% water absorption
0.88 to 0.4 in OD cable
10 years shelf life from date of manufacture