Carbide Burrs
1015425 MFG #: SD4
Steiner Electric
50.97000 / ea
SD-4 carbide burr double cut style size for ¼ in shank diameter. Its burr length is 3/8, 2-1/7 in overall length. Steel shank, tungsten carbide.
  • Features
SGS Pro® 12528 Universal Line SD-4 Imperial Carbide Burr, Ball (Shape SD), 7/16 in Dia x 3/8 in L, 2-1/7 in OAL, Double Cut.
-SD-4 tool number
-Double cut burrs are designed with right and left hand flutes combined to produce smooth and fine finishes
-They produce small chips and give excellent control of the burr and grinder
-Applicable materials:steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials