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At Steiner, we understand the criticality of operational uptime for plants and factories, and we are dedicated to providing reliable solutions that keep your operations running smoothly. Our extensive expertise, combined with our comprehensive product inventory, allows us to effectively manage product life cycles and minimize downtime. We are well-versed in both current and legacy products, ensuring that we can support your facility's specific requirements, even with older equipment or hard-to-find components.

What truly sets us apart in the Chicagoland area is our ability to serve both electrical and metalworking needs. Our diverse range of products and services covers a wide spectrum of industrial requirements. When it comes to metalworking, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that span the entire machine tool process. From high-quality cutting tools and abrasives to precision band saws and blades, fluids, lubricants, and machine tools. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop-shop experience, simplifying your procurement process and saving you valuable time and effort.

The Power of Expertise


Steiner's experienced Product Specialists offer valuable expertise in diverse industries, solving challenges and providing solutions tailored to specific applications. With partnerships with renowned manufacturers, customers gain access to extensive knowledge and top-quality products.

Power to Connect


Steiner recognizes the significance of streamlined access to product information and efficient account management. Our website provides a wealth of detailed product information, along with configurators for quick selection and real-time pricing and availability linked to customer accounts. 

  • offers convenient access to detailed product information, whitepapers, and technical specifications, allowing for quick and efficient selection of the right products.
  • Product configurators are available to assist you in finding the appropriate products, with instant price and availability information linked to your accounts.
  • Digital tools enable efficient Account Management, providing you with order status, delivery details, account balance, and easy reordering of materials.
  • Steiner prioritizes customer experience, aiming to make interactions as efficient and seamless as possible.
Power to Deliver


We pride ourselves on our expertise in efficient material delivery and value-added solutions. With our state-of-the-art Central Distribution Center and innovative technologies like vertical lift modules (VLMs), we guarantee reliable and timely deliveries. Our customized solutions and streamlined processes empower us to effectively manage parts and support project timelines.

  • Steiner ensures safe and timely material delivery through our new Central Distribution Center, leveraging innovative technology like vertical lift modules (VLMs).
  • Our Integrated Supply Group offers effective solutions to optimize parts management and improve operational efficiency.
  • Steiner enables quick and cost-effective production of Custom Modified Enclosures, reducing installation time and supporting on-time project completion.



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