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Networked Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

ChargePoint Stations

With innovative new features, the CT4000 Series gives station owners a more affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to help drivers get off gas.

The ChargePoint CT4000 series new features include:

Power Sharing
     •  Doubles the number of parking spaces served by allowing for two charging ports to share one single circuit
     •  Reduces installation and incremental costs by allowing for greater charge spot capacity

Customizable Video and Branding Options
     •  5.7-inch color LCD screen allows station owners to run their own video content
     •  Features built-in signage easily replaceable with custom branding

Clean Cord Technology
     •  Maintenance-free, light-weight, self-retracting cords come standard on all models
     •  Second-generation gravity operated mechanism improves user experience

User-Friendly Interface
     •  Interactive touch-button system performs in all weather conditions
     •  Multi-language instructions available in English, French and Spanish

Download our data sheet to see even more features, photos, and technical specs.

State and federal incentives are available. Contact Tom Salzman at 847–871–5230 or for more information on ChargePoint EV charging stations.

CT4000 Series

CT4021 - Bollard Dual

CT4011 - Bollard Single

CT4023 - Wall Mount Dual

CT4013 - Wall Mount Single

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