nLight Bridge, Kit

Lighting Control Systems
862888 MFG #: NBRG 8 KIT
258.49000 / ea
nLight® Lighting Control Bridge Kit, Series: nBRG, 15 to 24 VAC/VDC, 60 mA, Square Box Mount, White, 4.9 in H x 4.9 in W x 1.05 in D
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The nLight 8-Port Bridge increases the number of lighting control zones in an nLight system. This ability stems from the fact that each Bridge has 8 RJ-45 ports into which zones of daisy-chained nLight-enabled devices can connect. The Bridge also is an integral component of the communication backbone in an nLight network. Fundamentally, Bridges act as hubs by aggregating traffic from the connected downstream zones and placing it onto the backbone. They also act as routers by forwarding information from the backbone out to the applicable downstream zones. The Bridge's actual backbone link is formed by connecting to another Bridge or a Gateway via CAT-5 cabling through one of its RJ 45 ports. Finally, Bridges can combine system power from zones that are net contributors of power (i.e. those with downstream power packs and power supplies) and distribute it to zones that are net consumers of power (i.e. those with only sensors). Maximum power output per port is 40mA.
Communicates with light network
Remotely configurable/upgradeable
Push button programmable
Green LED indicators for each port
Redistributes bus power between ports
Supports up to 128 devices per port
90 mA total bus power contribution
40 mA max input/output current/port