Wiremold® RC4ATCBK Multi-Service Assembled Poke-Through Device, 4 in Hole, 24.5 cu-in, Steel Stem

Poke-Through Assembled Units
102295 MFG #: RC4ATCBK
486.48000 / ea
The RC4 Series poke-thru device delivers significant power and communication services directly to the workstation. It is supplied with two prewired 20A duplex receptacles that can be wired in the field as a standard or isolated ground receptacle. The RC4 Series also accepts up to four ports of connectivity devices to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data and fiber optic applications at the point of use.
  • Features
2 duplex receptacles, 4 ports for communications, slide doors, step on it installation, low profile cover
Each duplex receptacle is wired as separate circuit
The duplex can be wired as a standard receptacle or isolated ground
Not designed to work with bare concrete or terrazzo floors
Floor covering thickness 1/8 in minimum
2-duplex receptacles
Knockout cable entry
Step on mounting, retaining clips
4-port for communications
Assembled with scrub water gasket
For use on tile or carpet floors
RC4 series poke-thru devices require a 4 in Dia hole
Slide doors, step on it installation, low profile cover