Weidmuller 1123550000 TRS 120VAC RC 2CO

General Purpose Relays
802840 MFG #: 1123550000
30.04000 / ea
WEID 1123550000 TRS 120VAC RC 2CO
  • Features
Featuring EZ-Beam technology to provide reliable sensing without the need for adjustments; T style plastic housing with 18 MM threaded lens mount; Completely epoxy-encapsulated barrel-mount sensors operate on dc supply voltage and withstand harsh sensing environments; Advanced diagnostics to warn of marginal sensing conditions or output overload; Available in opposed, retroreflective, diffuse and fixed-field modes; Innovative dual-indicator system takes the guesswork out of sensor performance monitoring; 2 green and yellow LED indicators: green on steady - power to sensor is on, yellow on steady - sensor sees light, yellow flashing - excess gain marginal (1 - 1.5x) in light condition; Adjustments: non-polarized retro and diffuse models (only) have a single-turn rear-panel sensitivity control (turn clockwise to increase gain)"