WattStopper® WPIR WPER Occupancy Sensor, 24 VDC, PIR Sensor, 300 sq-ft Coverage, 110 deg, Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
36810 MFG #: WPIR
130.15000 / ea
WattStopper's WPIR Sensor is a versatile ceiling mount sensor that utilizes the latest passive infrared (PIR) technology to turn lights on and off based on occupancy. The WPIR controls lighting in a wide variety of applications, but is especially adept at controlling small spaces with well-defined coverage.
  • Features
Passive Infrared
PIR occupancy sensor turns lights on and off based on occupancy
30 s to 30 min user adjustable time delay
Automatic or manual on operation when used with a BZ-150 power pack
ASIC technology reduces components and provides greater reliability
30 segment multi-element fresnel lens
Incorporated daylight filter prevents short wavelength infrared waves, such as those emitted by the sun, from affecting WPIR
Uses the latest PIR technology to reliably control lighting in a variety of applications
Multi-element fresnel lens allows the sensor to efficiently collect infrared energy and provide optical gain over a defined field of view
Alternate viewing patterns depending on mounting choice
Optional on override through logic key/on bypass
LED indicates occupancy detection
Dual element, temperature compensated pyroelectric sensor