WattStopper® DT-300 Low Voltage Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors, 24 VAC/VDC, Dual Technology (PIR/Ultrasonic) Sensor

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
271546 MFG #: DT-300
555.08000 / ea
PIR technology senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space. Relying on a clear line-of-sight view, passive infrared sensors make 100 percent coverage cut off possible. These sensors utilize a unique fresnel lens which divides the coverage area into zones, enhancing detection of small movement. Using the Doppler principle, ultrasonic sensors work by bouncing ultrasonic sound waves off objects in an area and measuring the time it takes for the waves to return. Movement by a person in the area causes the sound waves to return at a changed frequency, resulting in a Doppler shift and occupancy detection.
  • Features
Dual Technology
95% relative humidity, non-condensing, for indoor use only environmental conditions
This dual technology ceiling sensor combines the benefits of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies to detect occupancy
Sensors have a flat, unobtrusive appearance and provide 360 deg of coverage
Detection signature analysis eliminates false triggers and provides immunity to RFI and EMI
Walk through mode turns lights off 3 min after the area is initially occupied - ideal for brief visits such as mail delivery
Sensors work with low voltage momentary switches for manual control
1 x 108 operating cycle
Patented ultrasonic diffusion technology spreads coverage to a wider area
Uses plug terminal wiring system for quick and easy installation
Eight occupancy logic options provide the ability to customize control to meet application needs
1 A at 30 VAC/VDC load rating
1 A at 30 VDC/VAC load