Valenite Tiger-tec® Silver 7053819 Double Sided Negative Turning Insert, CNMG431-NMS WSM20S ANSI, Rhombic, CNMG Insert

CNMG Turning Inserts
1070665 MFG #: CNMG431-NMSWSM20S
Walter (Valentine)
16.71000 / ea
With Tiger-tec® Silver, Walter is offering a world first in coating technology for indexable inserts. The special aluminium oxide layer with optimized microstructure reduces wear during turning, milling and drilling operations and increases toughness and temperature resistance for significantly higher cutting data.
  • Features
NMS Geometry - Medium machining, especially for high temperature alloys (Ni, Co, Fe-based alloys)
Precise cutting edge design
Alternative to NM4 stainless geometry
Cylindrical hole
2 cutting edges
WSM20S - Machining operations on automatic bar machines and multi-spindle machines
Applicable on high temperature alloys and austenitic stainless steels
0.08 to 0.202 mm corner point tolerance
+/-0.13 mm thickness tolerance
0.05 to 0.152 mm inscribed circle tolerance
0.1 to 0.24 mm feed/rev
12.9 mm cutting edge length