Valenite Tiger-tec® Silver 6428201 Positive Single Sided Indexable Milling Insert, ADMT080302R-F56 WSP45S ANSI, Rhombic

ADMT Milling Inserts
917799 MFG #: ADMT080302R-F56 WSP45S
Walter (Valentine)
22.84000 / ea
With Tiger-tec® Silver, Walter is offering a world first in coating technology for indexable inserts. The special aluminium oxide layer with optimized microstructure reduces wear during turning, milling and drilling operations, and increases toughness and temperature resistance for significantly higher cutting data.
  • Features
Mechanical post-treatment - unique residual stress condition, increased process reliability|Extremely smooth rake face for optimum tribochemical wear resistance|Silver flank face indicator layer for extremely easy wear detection
For medium machining conditions
Universal application for most materials
0.08 to 0.2 mm cutting edge tolerance
0.05 to 0.15 mm inscribed circle tolerance
+/-0.13 mm thickness tolerance
1.2 mm width face chamfer
2 cutting edges
40 to 60 deg double countersink hole