Valenite Tiger-tec® Silver 5866883 Double Sided Negative Turning Insert, CNMG432-NRS WSM10 ANSI, Rhombic, CNMG Insert

CNMG Turning Inserts
661360 MFG #: CNMG432-NRS WSM10
Walter (Valentine)
16.71000 / ea
VALENITE Tiger-tec® Silver Turning Insert, Double Sided Negative, CNMG Insert, Rhombic, 4 mm Maximum Depth of Cut, 12.7 mm Inscribed Circle, 4.76 mm Thickness, NRS Chipbreaker, 0.8 mm Corner Radius, 5.16 mm Hole Dia, Manufacturer's Grade: WSM10, ANSI Code: CNMG432-NRS WSM10, ISO Code: CNMG120408-NRS WSM10, 80 deg Included Angle, 0 deg Relief Angle, Neutral Hand, Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: M/S
  • Features
NRS Geometry - Roughing, specially for high temperature alloy (Ni, Co, Fe-based alloys
Precise cutting edge design
Alternative to NR4 geometry
Cylindrical hole
2 cutting edges
0.08 to 0.202 mm corner point tolerance
+/-0.13 mm thickness tolerance
0.05 to 0.152 mm inscribed circle tolerance
0.16 to 0.35 mm feed/rev
12.9 mm cutting edge length