Valenite Tiger-tec® Silver 5615016 Positive Single Sided Turning Insert, CCMT3(2.5)1-PF4 WSM20 ANSI, Rhombic, Carbide

CCMT Turning Inserts
882996 MFG #: CCMT3(2.5)1-PF4 WSM20
Walter (Valentine)
13.88000 / ea
VALENITE Tiger-tec® Silver Turning Insert, Positive Single Sided, CCMT Insert, Rhombic, 1.5 mm Maximum Depth of Cut, 9.525 mm Inscribed Circle, 3.97 mm Thickness, PF4 Chipbreaker, 0.4 mm Corner Radius, 4.4 mm Hole Dia, Manufacturer's Grade: WSM20, ANSI Code: CCMT3(2.5)1-PF4 WSM20, ISO Code: CCMT09T304-PF4 WSM20, 80 deg Included Angle, 7 deg Relief Angle, Neutral Hand, Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: M/P/S
  • Features
Excellent surface finish
Reliable and secure machining, even in roughing applications
Possibility to optimize by using damped Silent Tools™
40 to 60 deg double countersink hole
2 cutting edges
0.08 to 0.202 mm corner point tolerance
+/-0.13 mm thickness tolerance
0.05 to 0.152 mm inscribed circle tolerance
0.05 to 0.16 mm feed/rev
9.672 mm cutting edge length
11 deg rake