Valenite Tiger-tec® Gold 6556179 Positive Single Sided Indexable Milling Insert, SDMT09T308-F57 WAK15 ANSI, Square

SDMT Milling Inserts
1076116 MFG #: SDMT09T308-F57WAK15
Walter (Valentine)
15.70000 / ea
Tiger-tec® Gold is a new Walter technology platform for unique indexable insert coatings. These are produced using the innovative ultra low pressure method (ULP-CVD). The special titanium aluminium nitride layer makes them highly resistant to abrasion, hairline cracks, oxidation and plastic deformation, as well as ensuring maximum tool life and process reliability.
  • Features
F57 Geometry - The universal one
For good machining conditions
Low cutting force
Medium feed rates
Two waves on the flank face
0.08 to 0.2 mm cutting edge tolerance
0.05 to 0.15 mm inscribed circle tolerance
+/-0.13 mm thickness tolerance
4 cutting edges
40 to 60 deg double countersink hole