Valenite 6570772 Double Sided Full Radius Grooving Insert, GX16-2E300N15-RF8 WSM23S ANSI, E, GX Insert, 3 mm W Cutting

GX Grooving Inserts
1053983 MFG #: GX16-2E300N15-RF8WSM23S
Walter (Valentine)
34.91000 / ea
VALENITE Grooving Insert, Double Sided Full Radius, GX Insert, E, 3 mm Cutting Width, 1.5 mm Maximum Depth of Cut, 21 deg Lead Angle, RF8 Chipbreaker, 1.5 mm Corner Radius, 16 mm Length, Manufacturer's Grade: WSM23S, ANSI Code: GX16-2E300N15-RF8 WSM23S, ISO Code: GX16-2E300N15-RF8 WSM23S, Neutral Hand, Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: K/M/P/S
  • Features
Circumference fully ground|High surface quality|Stable cutting edge
High surface quality
Stable cutting edge
12 mm maximum depth of cut
+/-0.02 mm cutting width tolerance
+/-0.02 mm cutting length tolerance
2 cutting edges
0.1 to 0.3 mm feed/rev