Union Butterfield® 5110667 960 3/4 UB*CO*SE*EM*BRT

Square End Mills
390105 MFG #: 5110667
Dormer Pramet
81.31000 / ea
UNB 5110667 960 3/4 CO*SE*EM*BRT
  • Features
Cobalt is harder than high speed steel and provides better wear resistance, it is commonly used on high tensile alloys
Uncoated tools have no additional surface treatment or coating for use on a broad range of materials
Square nose end mills create sharp, unrounded cuts
Bright provides a smooth, polished finish on the tool, it increases chip flow in softer materials such as aluminum, wood and plastic
Center cutting design allows the end mill to plunge into material like a drill bit while also performing conventional surface milling
Aluminum/aluminum alloys, cast iron, nickel/nickel alloys, steel/steel alloys, titanium/titanium alloys compatible material
+0.003 tolerance