Union Butterfield® 1012674 1785M 6X1 UB REL PLUG HSS TAP BRT

Spiral Point Taps
634138 MFG #: 1012674
Dormer Pramet
11.56000 / ea
UNB 1012674 1785M 6X1 REL PLUG HSS TAP BRT
  • Features
Spiral point taps are used to solve the problem of tap breakage in through hole tapping in a wide variety of materials
The angular flutes in the cutting face propel the chips ahead of the cutting zone, thus reducing loading and clogging in the flutes
The 1785M style features eccentrically relieved threads with full pitch diameter relief
These taps are extremely free cutting, resulting in longer tool life
The use of rigid tapping equipment is highly recommended with this style of tap
Bright finish flutes improve chip flow in soft and non-ferrous materials