Union Butterfield® 1010491 1578 4-40 UB STI PLUG H2 TAP BRT

STI [Screw Thread Insert] Taps
584199 MFG #: 1010491
Dormer Pramet
27.13000 / ea
UNB 1010491 1578 4-40 STI PLUG H2 TAP BRT
  • Features
Designed for use in aluminum, magnesium, and other nonferrous materials where taps of this type are most commonly used
Taps suitable for other materials can be furnished on request
STI taps are dimensionally oversize and utilize a larger tap drill size so that the thread they produce will accept a helical coil wire screw thread insert of the same nominal size and pitch
For a particular size and pitch the lower H-Limit number is suggested for class 2B and 3B threads, while the higher H-Limit is suggested for class 2B
Through hole