Thaw Master® 980-0050 Commercial Strength Ice Melt 50 Pound Bag

Snow & Ice Removal
Thaw Master®
13.81000 / ea
THAW MASTER® and AMC, the catalyst that ignites melting power, team up to offer a fast, sustaining melting action that remains extremely productive even in the worst weather. AMC, calcium chloride & magnesium chloride, three high-powered raw materials, combine to quickly generate heat and draw moisture from the air to ensure a speedy thaw even at temperatures as low as -5ºdegrees. THAW MASTER® is dyed green, making the spreading and placement of product easier. This allows the end-user to place the product where it needs to be placed and in the correct amounts, therefore minimizing damage to vegetation and also cutting down on damage to concrete. If a safe, clear, clean surface and workable budget is what you need, THAW MASTER® is the ice melter for you!
  • COLD WEATHER POWER THAW MASTER®’s concentrated crystals start working right away to melt snow and ice even when the temperature gets as low as -5ºF.
  • ULTI-INGREDIENT ACTION THAW MASTER®’s blend of ingredients generates a synergy giving you more melting power than each ingredient individually.
  • GREEN DYE A water soluble, non-staining food dye is added to THAW MASTER® to aid in visibility during the application process. The green color makes the spreading process easy and greatly reduces the odds of over-application, which can be detrimental to surrounding vegetation and poor quality concrete.
  • SAFE TO THE OUTDOORS THAW MASTER® will master winter’s worst snow and ice but is safe to vegetation and wildlife when used as directed.
  • SAFE ON CONCRETE & TREATED WOOD THAW MASTER® doesn’t contain any ingredient that will chemically alter or damage air entrained quality concrete or treated wood when used as directed.
  • CLEAN, NO RESIDUE THAW MASTER® breaks down to a colorless and odorless liquid, so it doesn’t leave a white film or slippery oily residue on shoes, sidewalks, driveways or carpets.
  • NO HASSLE STORAGE & HANDLING THAW MASTER® has an unlimited shelf life and needs no special storage or handling.