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  • Features
3.6V, .78W DC long lasting LED heads
Solid state voltage limited charger
Brownout protection
Low voltage disconnect
Overload/short circuit protection
Test switch/power indicator light
3.6 VDC, 0.78 W DC long-lasting LED heads
Red letter color
Universal face red letters
Remote capacity model
Sealed Ni-Cd battery
2.34/1.62 W input power
0.14/0.06 power factor
All components are injection molded, color stable, high impact thermoplastic material
Designer white textured finish standard
Components are of snap-fit construction to facilitate under 5 min installation reinforcing ribs throughout to provide maximum strength
Molded in wireways facilitate internal wire routing and connections
All components including battery and electronics are located inside the exit housing, snap-fit canopy with captive mounting screws included with all exits
10 to 40 deg C operating range
High impact thermoplastic housing