Square D™ Surgebreaker® QO2175SB Secondary Surge Protective Device, 120/240 VAC, 2 Poles, 22 kA SCCR

Load Center Surge Protection Devices
32442 MFG #: QO2175SB
Square D™
150.30000 / ea
Square D QO2175SB LOAD CENTER QO SECONDARY SURGE ARRESTOR,1 phase,175Vac line to ground (max),2,Operating frequency 50/60 Khz,Plastic,QO,QO Surge Breaker,Secondary Surge Arrester,The exclusive Square D(R) Surgebreaker(R) Type 2 Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a plug-in unit that installs as easily as a standard circuit breaker. The Surgebreaker uses two pole spaces,Type 2 rated device with LED indicator shows operational status of the unit,UL, CSA
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Load center QO
QO Loadcenter Plug-on Neutral SPDs Superior Performance Square D brand Surgelogic QO loadcenter SPD’s utilize high-energy circuitry that provides surge suppression from severe transient activity. Each MOV is individually fused. Directly connected to the equipment bus, the QO250PSPD delivers superior surge suppression performance by eliminating lead lengths. Easy Installation Quick Plug-on Neutral device for use in a QO Plug-on Neutral loadcenters. The SPD requires two adjacent mounting spaces. QO Plug-on Neutral SPD is the quickest way to install whole home surge protection, and ease of installation saves time and money. Warranty The QO250PSPD warranty is 5 year/$50,000 downstream connected equipment protection.
Whole Home Surge Protection for use with Square D QO Plug-on Neutral loadcenters
Plug-on Neutral connectivity - Easy to install, no wiring needed
Provides whole home surge protection for electronics that may or may not be protected by surge strips. 50kA surge current capacity from internal and external surges
Easy-to-understand visual status: LED indicator lights: Lets you know when the SPD is actively protecting your home
Peace of Mind: 5 year/$50,000 connected equipment limited liability warranty