Square D™ PCSPCT190XSUM5 AccuSine Summing Transformer, 25/5 current ratio, 25 A primary, 5 A secondary, 600 VAC, 400 Hz

Current Transformers
PDW~11755552 MFG #: PCSPCT190XSUM5
Square D™
5865.58000 / ea
Square D™ PCSPCT190XSUM5, Summing Transformer, AccuSine, 25/5 Current Ratio, 25 A Primary Current, 5 A Secondary Current, 600 VAC, 400 Hz Frequency, Stud Connection, Plate Mounting, 30 to 55 deg C, 4.88 in H x 4.50 in W x 4.69 in D Dimensions
  • Features
AccuSine PVF+ can be operated as a displacement power factor correction and/or load balancing device
Optimized unity PF, Leading (capacitive) or lagging (inductive) power factor (Cos f) to target
Negative sequence current injected to balance fundamental current on the mains due to load imbalance (inherently corrects displacement PF (Cos ?))
25 ?s control response time
1/4 cycle reactive correction time
0-95 %, noncondensing relative humidity
1000 m (derate 1 %/100 m above) operating altitude
5+5+5+5+5/5 current transformer ratio
0.3 Ohm input impedance
10 kV 50 s) uimp rated impulse withstand voltage
10 kV 50 s) uimp rated impulse withstand voltage
With toxic heavy metal free