Square D™ Mini Power-Zone® MPZB22T2F Sealed Transformer, 480 V Primary, 208Y/120 V Secondary, 22.5 kVA, 3 ph Phase

Mini Power Centers
PDW~6410972 MFG #: MPZB22T2F
Square D™
15624.00000 / ea
Square D™ Mini Power-Zone® Transformer, Sealed, 480 V Primary, 208Y/120 V Secondary, 22.5 kVA, 3 ph, 60 A Maximum, 2 Taps, Primary Main Breaker/Secondary Main Breaker/Feeder Breaker, 365 deg F, 115 deg C Enclosure, Hot-Rolled Steel Housing, 27.4 in W x 13.6 in D x 48.6 in H
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Small Shopping Centers, Portable Offices, Assembly Lines, Construction Sites, Emergency Power, Temporary Power, Guard Shacks/Other Shacks, Retail, Areas with Limited Space
Standard steel or stainless steel enclosure - both type 3R enclosure
Device can be disassembled in the field for easier installation
Leverage standard schneider electric powerpact breakers for primary disconnect
Standard low voltage general purpose transformers
Secondary load center or NQ interior - with field installed QO branch breakers
Power coated painted
Copper winding
CC enclosure code