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Heavy application
14 to 1/0 AWG copper, 12 to 1/0 AWG aluminum wire
15 hp at 240 VAC 1-phase, 40 hp at 240 VAC 3-phase, 30 hp at 480 VAC 1-phase, 75 hp at 480/600 VAC 3-phase, 40 hp at 600 VAC 1-phase, 20 hp at 250 VDC, 40 hp at 600 VDC power rating
Side opening, left hinged covers
Highly visible embossed ON/OFF marking/ON/OFF labels are used on type 4x fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosures
Quick-make and quick-break operating mechanism
Standard with plated aluminum lugs which accept both Cu and Al wires
Front removable mechanical lugs
Dual cover interlock prevents the cover from being opened when the switch is ON and prevents the switch from being turned ON when the cover is open
An interlock bypass is provided for access by authorized personnel