Square D™ HU362AWKVW Heavy Duty Non-Fusible Single Throw Safety Switch, 600 VAC/VDC, 60 A, 30 hp, 3 Poles

Single-Throw Disconnects
324806 MFG #: HU362AWKVW
Square D™
790.84000 / ea
Square D HU362AWKVW SW UNFUSED HD 60A 3P NEMA12/VIEW WINDOW,600V,60A,Galvannealed Steel,Lugs,NEMA 3R/12,Non-Fusible,Rainproof, Sleet/Ice proof and Dust tight (Indoor/Outdoor),Safety Switch,UL Listed,heavy duty,surface
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Commercial and Industrial Applications
Visible blades for positive blade position indication
Red and black handle indicates the On (red) or Off (black) switch position
Side-opening, left hinged covers
Quick-make, quick-break operating mechanism
Standard with plated aluminum lugs which accepts both copper and aluminum wires
Lock-off provision is standard on all heavy duty safety switches
Load-make, load-break rated for the switch current rating
3 to 14 AWG copper/aluminum cable wire size
Without neutral wiring configuration
Optional viewing window allows visual verification of blade position without opening door
30 hp 1-phase, 60 hp 3-phase at 600 VAC, 30 hp at 600 VDC power rating
Disconnect switch for rain proof, sleet/ice proof and dusttight (indoor/outdoor) environment conditions
Without knockouts