Square D™ 9080GR6 Terminal Block, 600 VAC, 60 A, 22 to 8 AWG Wire, 1 Poles, DIN Rail Mount

Terminal Blocks
31418 MFG #: 9080GR6
Square D™
2.81000 / ea
Square D 9080GR6 TERMINAL BLOCK 600V 60AMP NEMA +OPTIONS,#22 to #8 AWG (Cu),34 Sections,600 V AC,60A,9080G,GM6B,Box Lug Copper,Natural,Nylon,Terminal Block,Track (9080GH/35mm DIN 3),UL Listed File E60616 CCN XCFR2 - CSA Certified File LR62144 Class 6228 01 - CE Marked,set of 50
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NEMA sectional terminal blocks
Wide variety of blocks for most control circuit applications
Large variety of colors to make wiring easier
High density blocks to save space in applications
Multiple mounting methods:o 35 mm DIN railo 9080GH (3/4") tracko Direct panel mounting. o UL component recognized, CSA approved, RoHS compliant