Square D™ 9070TF500D1 Type TF Open Style Control Transformer, 240/480 VAC Primary, 120 VAC Secondary, 500 VA

Power Supply Transformers
35174 MFG #: 9070TF500D1
Square D™
599.42000 / ea
Square D 9070TF500D1 TRANSFORMER CONTROL 500VA 240/480V-120V,0.41 x 1.50 Inch (Class CC) Primary Fuse Holders,1-Phase,115 Degrees C,120V or 115V or 110V,180 deg.C,240x480V or 230x460V or 220x440V,500VA,Copper,Develop to help customers comply with UL Standard 508 and NEC 450,Industrial Control Transformer,Open,Panel,Screw Clamp,UL Listed, CSA, CE Marked
  • Features
Copper windings
Stocked in a wide variety of size
Derives 120 or near 120 VAC control power from a wide variety of supply voltages
Compatible with square D™ finger safe covers
Compatible with square D™ control power fuse kits
Competitively priced with other universal control power transformers on the market
0.41 x 1.5 in (class CC) primary fuse holders
120/115/110 VAC secondary voltage
0.41 x 1.5 in (Class CC) primary fuse holders