Square D™ 9066RA1 Manual Starter Reset Mechanism, For Use With OEM Commercial Enclosures, NEMA 1/12 Magnetic Starters, 9065 Series Overload Relays

Motor Starter Controls
34841 MFG #: 9066RA1
Square D™
77.04000 / ea
Square D 9066RA1 STARTER RESET MECHANISM NEMA +OPTIONS,Contains 1 Rod,Direct to Panel,Manual,NEMA 1/12 rated enclosures,Nema 1, 12,OEM Kit for Commercial Enclosures,Schneider Electric Starter External Reset Mechanism Kit
  • Features
External Reset Mechanism Kit
Used to externally reset an overload relay
Works with enclosures not manufactured by Square D
Will work with on enclosures of various depths
Reset rods are threaded
Rods are grooved at intervals of 0.75 of an inch so they can be cut to length
Final adjustment can be made easily
NEMA 1 and 12 rated