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Attenuate voltage and current transients to reduce voltage notching
Improve true power factor
Mitigate drive nuisance tripping
Minimize harmonic current
On output, reduce the motor temperature and audible noise
Enhance the overall performance, life expectancy, and system efficiency
Mitigate motor bearing failures
HPS reactors are designed for both the input and output side of variable speed drives including Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) type inverters
Nominal inductance +/- 10% at rated current, 95% of nominal inductance at 150% rated current and 50% of nominal inductance at 350% of rated current
200 deg C temperature class up to 160 A and 220 deg C temperature class over 160 A insulation system
60 Hz frequency
Terminal blocks are provided on select model ranges, and terminal pads are supplied on higher current ratings
Typically 3 and 5% impedance
Meets NEMA ST-20 standards sound level
Wall and ceiling mounting available on units up to 200 lb
0.2 mH inductance
88 Watt loss
3/4.2 in W x 3.12 in D mounting size
0.44 x 0.1 in mounting hole/slot
3% impedance