Square D™ 9001K3L35RH5 PUSH BUTTON 600VAC

Illuminated Pushbuttons
PDW~6440862 MFG #: 9001K3L35RH5
Square D™
175.00000 / ea
Schneider Electric,PUSH BUTTON 600VAC 10A 30MM T-K,1 NO,10A,30 mm,600V,AC15 - DC13,Harmony,NEMA 1/2/3/3R/4/6/12/13,Panel,Pushbutton,Red,Screw Clamp,Standard Pushbutton,UL File Number E42259 CCN NKCR - CSA File Number LR24590 Class 3211-03 - CE Marked,Water tight, Dust tight and Oil tight (Indoor/Outdoor),chromium plated metal,unmarked,momentary
  • Features
This Schneider electric Harmony™ 9001K modular illuminated flush red pushbutton is supplied with a full guard
It has a chromium plated metal bezel and is supplied with a 24 VAC/VDC integral LED
It fits in a 30 mm hole
Full size and shallow depth light modules
Reduced panel space with side by side mounting
Easy to actuate, tactile feel operators
Maintenance-free operation
Simplified installation and identification
Wide range of accessories, colored lenses and knobs for customer adaptations