Square D™ 8910DPA44V02 8910DPA Electro-Mechanical Definite Purpose Contactor, 110/120 VAC Coil, 40 A Max Load, 4NO, 4 Poles

Definite Purpose Contactors AC
31956 MFG #: 8910DPA44V02
Square D™
207.76000 / ea
Square D 8910DPA44V02 CONTACTOR 600VAC 40AMP DPA +OPTIONS,110 V AC 50 Hz-120 V AC 60 Hz,3-Phase,4 NO,4P,DPA,Definite Purpose Contactor,Ideal for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, data processing and food service equipment.,Panel,Quick Connect/Binder Head Screw,UL Recognized - CSA Certified - CE Marked
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Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Data Processing and Food Service Equipment
Quick-connect terminals and binder head screws allow for easy wiring
An exclusive DIN track mounting option may reduce installation costs
Coils can be changed quickly, without a tool, on the type DPA 50 to 90 A contactors
Auxiliary contact modules snap-on either side of the type DPA contactors
Box lugs are standard on contactors 40 A and larger
3-3 HP 115 V AC, 1 PHASE-7.5-7.5 HP 230 V AC, 1 PHASE-10-10 HP 230 V AC, 3 PHASE-20-20 HP 460 V AC, 3 PHASE-25-25 HP 575 V AC, 3 PHASE