Square D™ 8903S Multi-Pole Lighting Contactor, 110/120 VAC Coil, 100 A Max Load, 2 Poles

Lighting Contactors
34096 MFG #: 8903SQO1V02
Square D™
1981.18000 / ea
Square D 8903SQO1V02 LIGHTING CONTACTOR 600VAC 100A NEMA,110 V AC 50 Hz-120 V AC 60 Hz,2-Pole,2P,Electrically Held,Electrically Held Lighting Contactor,Lugs,S,UL Listed - CSA Certified,no indicator
  • Features
30 to 800 A lighting ratings
2-through 5-pole versions (5-poles through 200 A)
UL Listed short circuit rating up to 100000 A
Mixed load ratings (lighting and motor)
Factory wired controls and clearly marked termination points
Electrically held operational mode