Square D™ 8538SFW13V02S COMBO STARTER 600

NEMA Combination Starters
458288 MFG #: 8538SFW13V02S
Square D™
11955.00000 / ea
Square D™ 8538SFW13V02S COMBO STARTER 600
  • Features
Longer lasting, energy efficient 30 mm LED pilot lights
Specially designed, pliable "foam-in-place" cabinet seals that protect from harmful outside elements providing a secure seal each time it's closed
Flexible fit accommodate standard 9070TF control power transformers allowing for a wide range of fits and easier modifications
Easy access streamline installation, wiring, maintenance and field modifications with convenient door-mounted pilot devices
Expert design operate smarter with the redesigned operating mechanism and disconnect switch that allow you to reset the overload without special tools
Also the sturdy construction of the non-removable door helps ensure a safer, more secure starter
Seismic tested rely on seismic-rated NEMA combination starters for critical applications like hospitals, water treatment facilities, data centers, schools, shopping centers, and convention centers
Serviceable by replacing contacts and coils rather than replacing the entire product, simply service the part that is worn out
Customizable with hundreds of combinations
NEMA type 4 and 4X water tight, dust tight brushed stainless steel enclosure