Square D™ 2510K Type K Non-Reversing Manual Switch, 3 Poles, Open Enclosure

Type K Manual Switches
33820 MFG #: 2510KO2
Square D™
197.21000 / ea
Square D 2510KO2 MANUAL SWITCH 600VAC K+OPTIONS,2 hp 115 V AC-2 hp 115 V DC-10 hp 460 V AC-10 hp 575 V AC-1 hp 90 V DC-1.5 hp 230 V DC-7.5 hp 230 V AC,230 V DC-600 V AC,3 phases,30 A,K,Open,Provides manual ON/OFF control of single or three phase AC motors
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For providing manual ON/OFF control of 1 or 3-phase AC motors where overload protection is not required or provided separately
Provides manual on/off control of single or 3-phase
Open enclosure
Standard with pilot light
Thermoplastic cover
Single unit metal box general purpose
10 hp at 575 VAC 2 hp at 115 VAC 2 hp at 115 VDC 1 hp at 90 VDC 1.5 hp at 230 VDC 7.5 hp at 230 VAC 10 hp at 460 VAC motor power
Sheet steel enclosure