Southwire® SIMpull® 59897101 Flexible Fish Tape, 240 ft Blade, Fiberglass, Green

Fish Tapes
963297 MFG #: 598971
84.64000 / ea
Southwire® SIMpull® Fish Tape, Flexible, 240 ft Blade Length, Fiberglass Blade, 3 mm Dia Reel, Hang Tag, Green, 380 lb Tensile, 17 in H x 13 in W x 1-3/4 in D
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Cable Pulling
Low friction polymer allows for easy installs in PVC and EMT conduit
Spiral extruded polymer design reduces the amount of effort required to push or pull the fish tape through EMT or PVC conduit
Swiveling flexible metal leader easily glides through bends
Combines the strength of a steel fish tape with greater flexibility than fiberglass fish tapes
Low friction material reduces binding at joints, couplings or 90 deg bends
Faster install time
Does not break when folded
Weighs less than steel
Large case reel