SolaHD SRS1832 Rack Mount Kit, 18 to 32 in Rack Size

Power Supply Mounting Accessories
917922 MFG #: SRS1832
234.90000 / ea
The Roxtec RS seal is a round seal for single cable or pipe entries in metal sleeves or core drilled holes. The two halves have removable layers. Thanks to this technology called Multidiameter™, they are adjustable to fit a wide range of different cable or pipe diameters. The split construction makes it easy to install around existing cables or pipes. The Roxtec RS F+WT Kit consist of two RS seals that should be installed in a back-to-back arrangement for use in watertight bulkhead divisions on passenger ships and SPS vessels where sustained water tightness after fire exposure is required, in accordance to SOLAS ch. II-1 Reg. 13.2.3 (2009 issue). The products should be used in combination with a 312 mm long sleeve.
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Industrial Automation and Control Equipment Power PLCs, Machine Tools, Robotics, Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
IP20 touch-proof terminals, Copper windings, Epoxy encapsulated for cooler operation and increased reliability, 50/60 Hz frequency, 80 DEG C/176 DEG F Rise, 130 DEG C/266 DEG F insulation system for harsh, heavy duty applications, Meets or exceeds electrical requirements of NEMA, ANSI and IEC
4 bar water pressure
2.5 bar gas pressure