SolaHD S4K4U6000C Industrial On-Line UPS, 100 to 240 VAC Input, 120 to 208 VAC Output, 4800 W

Uninterruptible Power Supplies - AC
673314 MFG #: S4K4U6000C
15090.82000 / ea
S4K4U-C 6 kVA and S4K6U-C 10 kVA Industrial On-Line UPSs are the first true online industrial uninterruptible power systems that provide flexible output voltage, an integrated maintenance bypass switch and internal batteries all in a slim 4U (7 in) or 6U (10-1/2 in) enclosure. They feature double conversion topology to provide the ultimate in protection against a wide range of potential power problems.
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Battery Back Up Units for Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Used with SolaHD S4K6U10KC
True double conversion topology, user replaceable, hot swappable internal battery module
Higher power factor 0.8 (6 kVA) and 0.9 (10 kVA), automatic frequency detection (60 or 50 Hz)
Configurable as a tower or rack mounting, easily installed in 18 to 32 in D rack using rack mount kit # SRS1832
Highest density, 6 kVA in only 4U and 10 kVA in only 6U of rack space
Self-diagnostics simplify maintenance and troubleshooting
Remote emergency power off (REPO)
Extended battery cabinets
Includes both automatic and manual maintenance bypass switch
Automatic frequency detection (60 or 50 Hz)
Power factor correction
Self diagnostics simplify maintenance and troubleshooting
Remote emergency power Off (REPO)
IntelliSlot® USB and terminal block communication ports
Compatible with most standby generators
Uses an average of 35% less energy than their standard counterparts
Provides continuous uptime for the connected equipment, with capacity and battery back up delivered in cabinets that use 4U to 6U of rack space
120 deg default input phase angle
120, 180, 240 deg auto sensing on application of alternating current (restrictions for L-N voltage other than 120 VAC) allowable input phase angle
If input voltage exceeds +/-15% of the nominal voltage disable bypass operation
If input voltage returns to within +/-10% of nominal output voltage re-enable bypass operation