SolaHD S4K2U-C Industrial On-Line UPS, 120 VAC Input, 120 VAC Output, 1800 W, 3 min Full Load/11 min Half Load Backup

Uninterruptible Power Supplies - AC
561119 MFG #: S4K2U2000C
3323.53000 / ea
S4K2U-C and S4K2U-5C Industrial On-Line UPSs are single phase, online (double conversion) UPS available in 500 to 3000 VA, 120 VAC and 230 VAC. Online design means zero transfer time from external to internal power, so when utility power fails, your critical load remains supported by a seamless flow of power. Housed in a slim 2U package, the rack or tower configurable S4K2UC offers a higher power factor, longer battery life, higher reliability and reduced cost of ownership.
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Industrial Automation Systems, Critical Microprocessors and PC Based Systems, Robotics and Process Control, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Mission Critical and High Speed Networks
Hardwire capability for permanent installation, Small 2U height maximizes available space, Input and output noise suppression, Higher output power factor of 0.90, PWM inverter reduces output voltage distortion, Add on batteries for extended back-ups, Integral sealed non-spillable batteries, Hot swappable user replaceable battery, Automatic restart, Automatic and manual battery test, Rack-mount or stand-alone tower mounting
Hardwire capability for permanent installation
Small 2U height maximizes available space, rack mount or stand alone tower mounting
Input and output noise suppression
Higher output power factor 0.9
PWM inverter reduces output voltage distortion
Hot swappable user replaceable battery (integral sealed non-spillable), add on batteries for extended back ups
Automatic restart, automatic and manual battery test
Units are field configurable with a PC as a frequency converter (bypass will be disabled)
Input power factor greater than 0.99 at 100% load
Output voltage selection function using the configuration software
Sinewave form
200% for 2 sec and 150% for 50 sec with transfer to bypass utility made overload
Valve-regulated, non-spillable, lead acid battery
12 VDC, 9 mAh battery rating
3 hr to 90% capacity after full discharge with 100% load until UPS auto shutdown (internal batteries only) recharge time
0 to 95% non-condensing relative humidity
Up to 10000 ft operating elevation
50000 ft maximum storage elevation
<48 dBA maximum at 3 ft front and sides and <48 dBA maximum at 3 ft rear audible noise