SolaHD HS14F7.5BS Non-Ventilated Automation Transformer, 208/240/415/480 VAC Primary, 120/240 VAC Secondary, 7.5 kVA

Hazardous Location Transformers
89953 MFG #: HS14F75BS
1921.84000 / ea
SolaHD encapsulated transformers are rated for Hazardous Locations as well as harsh industrial environments. Encapsulation and rugged UL Listed/NEMA Type 3R enclosures protect the transformer from dust, moisture and provide extra shock and vibration resistance. SolaHD transformers fully comply with the latest addition of the National Electrical Code for Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D locations when installed in compliance with NEC 501.100 (B).
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SolaHD encapsulated transformer rated for harsh industrial environments
UL Listed/NEMA Type 3R encapsulated enclosure for indoor and outdoor service; Electrostatically shielded for quality power on sizes 1 kVA and larger; Copper lead wire terminations; .500 - 45 kVA units are capsulated with electrical grade silica and epoxy for industrial applications. Rolled steel enclosure.
Conduit knockouts for side entry into wiring compartment
NEMA type 3R non encapsulated enclosure for indoor and outdoor service
80 deg C temperature rise under full load
Copper wound designs
190/200/208/220/380/400/415/440 VAC primary, 110/220 VAC secondary, 200/208/230/400/415/460 VAC primary, 115/230 VAC secondary, 208/240/415/480 VAC primary, 120/240 VAC secondary voltage
190/200/208/220/380/400/415/440, 200/208/230/400/415/460, 208/240/415/480 VAC primary volt
110/220, 115/230, 120/240 VAC secondary volt
2.08/1.04 A primary, 4.16/2.08 A secondary