Slotted Hinged Duct,PVC,4X4X6',Light G

Slotted Wall Wiring Ducts
588323 MFG #: H4X4LG6
20.50000 / ft
PANDUIT innovative dual-sided hinged wiring duct delivers improved wire management and aesthetics for electrical control panel and communication applications. The unique push-on hinged cover is easier to install and remove than traditional wiring duct covers and once installed can be opened from either side of the duct. Hinged cover wiring duct provides faster access to wiring, prevents cover loss, reduces maintenance costs and promotes safety.
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Hinged Cover Wide Slot Wiring Duct provides wire management in general purpose applications where it is beneficial to retain cover during wire changes
Hinged Cover
Hinged Cover design with wide finger and slot design provides greater rigidity and allows use with a wide range of wire and bundle sizes
Upper and lower scorelines allows easy finger and sidewall section removals
Wide slot/finger design provides excellent wire management in general purpose applications and is compatible with a wide range of wire sizes and component types
Provided with standard mounting holes
Cover retention flanges prevent cover from sliding when installed on duct base
Double scoreline saves installation time and lowers installed cost
Restricted slot design retains wire in slot for fast, easy wire installation or removal
Provided with mounting holes, untreated surface
External dimension: 4-1/4 in W x 4.1 in D
Standard Mounting Holes
Lead-Free PVC