Skylark® SFSQ-LF-WH SFSQ-LF 1-Pole Light/Fan Control Switch With On/Off Light Switch, 120 VAC, 1.5 A, Quiet 3-Speed Operational Mode, White

Fan Control Switches
45354 MFG #: SFSQ-LF-WH
25.82000 / ea
The Skylark® is the original designer style slide fan and light control switch from Lutron®. It features an easy-to-use slide control that adjusts the fan speed to your desired level and a rocker switch to turn light on and off. Three quiet fan speeds provide increased comfort.
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Lighting and Fan Control
Slide-to-off, with on/off light switch
Slide up to on/increase fan speed, down to decrease fan speed/off
3-quiet fan speeds for increased comfort
For use with only one ceiling paddle fan
Quiet 3-speed designed to prevent motor hum
Switch control rocker switch turns light on/off
Slider controls 3 fan speed settings with on/off light switch, for use in single paddle fan applications
Ceiling fan/incandescent/halogen light load types
Slide up to on/increase speed, down to decrease/off
3 quiet fan speeds designed to prevent motor hum (for use with only one ceiling paddle fan)
Rocker switch returns light to light level indicated by slider on preset dimmers
Slide up to brighten, down to dim
Light/fan speed control switch
Rocker switch turns light on/off