Skylark® Contour® C.L® CTCL-153P-GR 3-Way Designer Style Dimmer Switch, 120 VAC, 1 Pole, Gray

Dimmer Switches
909143 MFG #: CTCL-153P-GR
58.55000 / ea
C.L dimmers are UL listed for controlling a broad range of dimmable CFLs and LEDs. They offer more reliable dimming performance over standard dimmers when dimming CFLs and LEDs, and also provide full range dimming for incandescent and halogen bulbs. C.L dimmers enable you to future-proof your lighting control for new bulbs.
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Lighting Control
Controls 150 W LED/CFL (screw-base) or 600 W incandescent/halogen loads. Rocker switch returns light to light level indicated by slider. Provides reliable dimming of dimmable LEDs/CFLs, as well as halogens and incandescents.
On/off rocker switch with a captive linear slide dimmer for a standard designer wallplate opening
HED™ technology: advanced LutronR dimming circuitry designed for compatibility with most high efficacy light bulbs
Low-end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs
100% factory tested
Power failure memory
Captive linear slider
Electrostatic discharge tested
Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power
Gloss finish
Wall Box mounting