Siemens Speedfax™ VL NMG3B800L Molded Case Circuit Breaker With Lug, 600 VAC, 250 A, 35 kA Interrupt, 3 Poles

Molded Case Circuit Breakers
513991 MFG #: NMG3B800L
13643.88000 / ea
Siemens VL Molded Case Circuit Breakers utilize a compact and modular design which can be configured to suit a wide range of ratings from 30 A up to 1600 A. Designed for global requirements, most breakers include the world's major standards and markings such as UL, CSA, NOM, IEC, CE and CCC. At 480 VAC, VL Circuit Breakers feature N-Class (35 kA), H-Class (65 kA) and L-Class (100 kA) interrupting ratings. They also feature both thermal magnetic and electronic trip units across the entire product line, assuring compatibility for virtually any application. VL Trip Units measure true RMS current. This type of measurement ensures the most accurate means of measuring currents in today's harmonic filled electrical distribution systems.
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Modular design - The modularity of the VL allows for last minute adaptation, forgives changes in system design and reduces inventory. Just two families of common internal accessories cover the complete range of VL breakers. The accessories are field installable and conveniently located in isolated pockets behind the front cover. No special tools are required
Compact size - Reduced dimensions save panel space, which can reduce the overall system design requirements and therefore material costs
Global ratings - VL breakers are designed for global use, allowing the user to serve virtually every market using one design and footprint
Communication capable - Communication is possible over PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS RTU with electronic trip units
Breadth of offering - A wide variety of protection options, ampere ratings as well as a full basket of available accessories ensure that Siemens has the product to suit your needs. Most VL breakers are also available with 100% ratings
High reliability - Most VL components are tested to twice the endurance specified by UL
LCD display
Long delay/short delay/instantaneous/& ground fault trip functions
With lug
Without auxiliary/alarm switch