Siemens Speedfax™ B350H00S01 Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 120/240 VAC, 50 A, 22 kA Interrupt, 3 Poles

Molded Case Circuit Breakers
906604 MFG #: B350H00S01
182.94000 / ea
SIE B350H00S01 BREAKER 50A 3P 240V 22K BLH 120V SHUNT
  • Features
Shunt Trip 120V
Sense when an over current occurs
Measure the amount of over current
Act by tripping quickly enough to prevent damage to itself and associated conductors
Mounting with insta-wire
8 to 6 AWG copper, 8 to 4 AWG aluminum wire
120 VAC shunt trip