Siemens Speedfax™ B115HID Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 120 VAC, 15 A, 10 kA Interrupt, 1 Pole, Thermal Magnetic Trip

Molded Case Circuit Breakers
433918 MFG #: B115HID
15.69000 / ea
Circuit breakers provide a manual means of energizing and de-energizing a circuit. In addition, circuit breakers provide automatic over current protection of a circuit. A circuit breaker allows a circuit to be reactivated quickly after a short circuit or overload is cleared. Unlike fuses, which must be replaced when they open, a simple flip of the breakers operating handle restores the circuit.
  • Features
High-Intensity Discharge
Sense when an over current occurs
Measure the amount of over current
ACT by tripping quickly enough to prevent damage to itself and associated conductors
Mounting with INSTAWIRE
14 - 10 AWG copper, 12 - 10 AWG aluminum
For high-intensity discharge lamp loads having in-rush currents above the instantaneous trip setting of a standard breaker