Siemens SpeedFax™ Q220AFCH Arc-Fault Circuit Breaker, 120/240 VAC, 20 A, 22 kA Interrupt, 2 Poles, Thermal Magnetic Trip

Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers
807562 MFG #: Q220AFCH
358.99000 / ea
AFCI's detect arcing faults (an unintentional arcing condition in a circuit) that standard circuit breakers are unable to detect. The device is intended to mitigate the effects of arcing faults by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arcfault is detected.
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Long time and instantaneous
Detects all three possible types of arc faults - line to ground, line to neutral and series
14 to 8 AWG copper, 12 to 8 AWG aluminum