Siemens QF260AP Ground Fault Circuit Breaker, 120/240 VAC, 60 A, 10 kA Interrupt, 2 Poles, Thermal Magnetic Trip

Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers
999745 MFG #: QF260AP
191.27000 / ea
Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are an effective means of preventing severe electrical shock. GFCIs are installed to protect areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, where electrical appliances or products may come into contact with water. GFCIs are designed to protect against severe electrical shock or electrocution from ground faults. Ground faults occur when the electrical current in an appliance strays outside its normal path, and the human body becomes part of the path through which the electrical current may flow.
  • Features
Resists false tripping
Standard 1 in per pole format with plug-in design
Provides class A GFCI protection